Now days, with revolutionary changes in concepts, root canal is considered as a routine & painless procedure and done only in one visit. Root canals are done with state of art high tech equipments with the use of advances machinery such as cordless Endomotor, Apex locator , digital x-rays.


  • Severe Tooth Sensitivity or tooth ache
  • Discomfort due to hot and cold foods .
  • Biting discomfort which does not disappear
  • Cracks on the surface of the tooth.
  • Trauma/damage to a tooth .
  • Tooth discoloration


  • A small hole is drilled on the biting surface of the tooth.
  • A needle like instrument called files is introduced inside the canal.
  • Cleaning and shaping of canals are done to remove infection out of the tooth.
  • After complete disinfection, a rubbery material called guttapercha is used to fill the canals.
  • A temperory filling is placed over it, till the crown is placed.


  • Healing of pus filled cavity ie complete disinfection of the tooth.
  • Normal and efficient chewing.
  • Retention of natural tooth structure.
  • Complete cessation of pain and sensitivity.
  • Tooth is protected from complete wear and strain.

Post Root Canal Care & Pain Management

  • The temporary filling may begin to wear off in thin layers before your next appointment. This is nothing to be alarmed of, however you believe the whole filling has become removed contact your Endodontist immediately.
  • Avoid eating after the procedure, especially while your mouth is still numb
  • Attempt to avoid chewing or eating with the area of your mouth that your treated tooth lies in. Once restored (after the second visit) you can resume normal function