It is said that Smile is a gateway to a person’s heart, and when it’s a child it’s divine. At One Dental Hospitals, our mission is to deliver the highest quality care along with unprecedented hospitality while keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

We are committed to delivering the best for you – whether it’s the perfect smile or reconstructing your entire mouth, or helping you achieve total wellness. Our workforce consists of the most successful and esteemed dentists.

Tips for Brushing

  •  Many people simply brush for a few seconds, spit, and place the toothbrush back in the cup. It is very important to spend at least 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth. This helps to ensure that the brush doesn’t miss hard-to-reach or often neglected surfaces.
  •  Use short, circular motions and brush at a 45-degree angle.
  •  Brush all surfaces of your teeth, the sides and chewing surfaces, as well as the lower portions near the gum line.
  •  Gently brush other areas of your mouth, including your gums, tongue and “roof” of your mouth. These can be prime
  •  areas for bacteria to hide.
  •  Choose toothbrushes with soft, round-headed bristles to reach the small areas of your mouth.
  •  Choose brushes with wide handles. This helps you control the toothbrush better.
  •  You should replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months.Replace it – more often if you fall sick.

Flossing Techniques

One effective way is to break off about a foot of floss. Wrap one end of the floss a few times around the middle finger of each hand. You can use your forefinger and thumbs to maneuver the floss inside your mouth. We advise you to leave plenty of floss in between to allow you easy maneuvering inside the mouth.

Press the floss in between two teeth and gently press downward (or upward if doing an upper set of teeth). Next, glide the floss up and down a few times against the surfaces of both teeth, carefully doing so at and below the gum line as well. Repeat this procedure for each tooth, taking up the slack when floss becomes worn or frayed.